Burning Tokens Until
The Price Of Centric Burn ($CNB) Reaches $1!

1% Auto-burn; 1% Auto liquidity; 1% Reflexion; 2% Marketing

About Us

Centric Burn Protocol is a groundbreaking initiative designed to stabilize the value of the Centric Burn native token CNB. In a constantly evolving market, maintaining the value of a digital asset can be a challenging task. However, with the Centric Burn Protocol, we have developed a solution that not only stabilizes the value of CNB but also ensures its long-term growth and sustainability.

At the core of the Centric Burn Protocol is the concept of buying back and burning CNB tokens. This process involves purchasing CNB tokens from the open market and permanently removing them from circulation. By reducing the overall supply of CNB tokens, we are able to create scarcity, which in turn drives up the value of the remaining tokens. This mechanism continues until the price of CNB reaches $1, at which point the burning process ceases.

The Centric Burn Protocol is a strategic and calculated approach to managing the value of CNB. By implementing a controlled burning mechanism, we are able to create a more stable and predictable market for CNB holders. This not only benefits individual investors but also contributes to the overall health and sustainability of the Centric ecosystem.

As a company committed to innovation and excellence, Centric Burn is proud to offer the Centric Burn Protocol as a testament to our dedication to creating value for our community. With a team of experienced professionals and a proven track record of success, Centric Burn Protocol is poised to revolutionize the world of digital assets.

The Centric Burn Protocol is a game-changer for the world of cryptocurrency. By implementing a strategic and sustainable approach to managing the value of CNB tokens, we are able to create a more stable and reliable market for investors. With Centric Protocol leading the way, the future of digital assets has never looked brighter.

  • 2% of every transaction on the Centric Burn Protocol goes to the Buyback & Burn wallet.
  • Centric Burn protocol buys CNB tokens from the open market automatically.
  • These tokens are in return auto-burnt and taken out of circulation
  • Centric Burn Protocol is scalable with many upcoming utilities in the pipeline.

Why Should You Buy Centric Burn (CNB)

  • 01Deflationary Supply

    Unlike others protocols that continue to mint tokens to inflate their supply, the Centric Burn token is deflationary, reducing its supply on each and every transaction.

  • The Centric Burn Protocol team is developping many different utilities to make the CNB token attractive and more useful.

  • The Centric Burn Protocol is programmed to make Centric Burn token reach $1. Holding for example a million of these tokens can make you a millionnaire when the token reaches its targeted price.


Centric Burn Protocol

Decentralized 100%
Audited Contract100%
Locked Liquidity100%
Expert team100%

Upcoming Utilities


A crypto cross-swap to swap any token from any chain.


Move your token easily and securely from one chain to another.


Create and launch your token with Centric Burn Protocol launchpad.


Stake your CNB tokens to earn PASSIVE income and regular airdrop from projects that launch on our launchpad.


Doug Strong


Natalie Stonebridge


Maxwell Lean


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Centric Burn same as Centric Swap?

    No, Centric Burn Protocol is not same as Centric Swap. While both protocols have a targeted price of $1, the circulating supply of both protocols are not the same. The Centric Swap's circulating supply is elastic while the Centric Burn's supply is deflationary. In addition, the Centric Burn supply is much much lower than the Centric Swap supply, so it is much easier for Centric Burn to reach $1 than Centric Swap.

  • The Centric Burn will start with 100B tokens, reducing on each and every transaction until the price reaches $1.

  • When CNB reaches $1, the protocol will stop burning the CNB. However the Buyback will continue and purchased tokens will be distributed to CNB's holders proportionally.

  • No, the team at the Centric Burn Protocol has many years of experience in the crypto industry. One of the Co-founder, Douglas bought his first Bitcoin when the price was just $350. The team understands the crypto market very well and they are developping others use cases to make the Centric Burn protocol attractive, sustainable, and more useful.

  • You can be part of the Centric Burn revolution by buying the token when it launches.